everything about this screenshot is so in character


for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

“This is the rape joke: a boy in my class sitting on girls and touching their butts, and laughing when they tell him to fuck off. The joke is that my male gym teacher just laughed and told the girls to calm down because he’s just playing.
This is the rape joke: a teacher stood up in assembly and told the school that they had to stop with the rape jokes because they were offensive. The kids replied saying that ‘this is a safe environment where we’re supposed to be able to talk about anything, right?’ The joke is that the teachers agreed.
This is the rape joke: no one was stopping the boys who were having fun assaulting girls, so the younger boys started to copy them. The joke is that people just laughed and said they were being cute.
This is the rape joke: I went to the principle and told him that this was getting out of hand and he had to do something. The joke is that he told me that they’re just being boys, and boys are dumb so I should just ignore it. His female assistant agreed.
This is the rape joke: I was 13 years old when I was raped. A flat-chested 13 year old who was wearing baggy jeans and a sweatshirt. The joke is that the boy who was forced to watch got more sympathy than I did.
The rape joke is that RAPE IS CONSIDERED A JOKE. The joke is that IT’S NOT FUNNY.”
Some non-fandom elements, but mostly mutlifandom. (Emphasis on the multi.)

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